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Need a mirror custom cut to fit your size and needs? We're here to help; we can cut mirror to the dimensions you are looking for. If you have a shaped mirror, bring the old one into the office and we can try to match that pattern or shape. If your mirror isn't going into a frame, we can seam the edges for you so the edges are not sharp and offer either J-Bar or Mirraco Hangers (see below) to hold you mirror in the desired location.


The J-Bar option for hanging your mirror is, in most cases, something we would come to your location to install. This is due to having to place the mirror in between the two pieces of set J-Bar and gluing the mirror to the wall. Mirraco Hangers are easier to handle and are not something we would have to install unless you would like us to. These are simply screwed into studs in the wall and the top clips of the hangers are removable to slide your mirror into its position. Mirraco Hangers come in different sizes for different lengths of mirrors; we provide 16", 24", 28", 36", 42", and 54" hangers. We can also get beveled mirrors to your custom bevel size and mirror dimensions. We are able to get beveled 1/8" mirror with the only option for a bevel being 1/2". Our 1/4" mirrors have more options for bevels such as 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", etc. If your mirror needs a hole drilled into it or a cutout for an outlet, we have that covered too. 

J-Bar 3.png
Photo of Mirraco Hangers for mirrors



We also create backsplashes and allow customization of the colors and design for your backing.

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