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At Dubuque Glass, we offer window screen and screen door repairs. If your screen is worn or torn, we can replace it with a fiber, aluminum, or pet screen. Pet screen is a material that holds up better than fiber or aluminum if a pet is to claw and scratch at it. If your current spline (material around the screen frame that holds the screen in) is deteriorating or is a metal spline, we will need to have new spline installed into your frame. Our spline we use for screens are all rubber so for metal spline, we wouldn't be able to reuse or match the metal spline in your screen. Once we take metal spline out of a frame, we are unable to replace it back into the frame due to it becoming misshaped trying to get it out. To get your screen repaired, bring it in to the office and we can help assess what needs to be repaired or replaced to make your screen look new again. We can also fix and match some hardware on screens and screen doors like corners, latches, tensions springs, and rollers. Stop by the shop with your screens and we can get you a free estimate to get your screens repaired.

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