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Residential Window Repair can seem like a daunting task, but let the professionals handle it. Here at Dubuque Glass, we take great pride in our work while offering an affordable price. Instead of replacing the window the kids hit a ball through, replace the glass in it. We offer a competitive rate and quick turnaround on replacement glass products. We replace the glass in windows like the ones below. Call us with a measurement to get an estimate today. Not sure or confident about measuring glass? Bring the sash in and we will get the right size and thickness for your home or business.

What does the process look like?

Customers typically call us to come take a look at their windows or bring their residential window in for us to repair it. A few things come into play before we measure the window. If the sash contains a double or triple-pane window, shown below, it will take two weeks for the glass to come in. In the meantime, customers can take that sash back home with them or board up the window. This way there isn’t two weeks where the residence is left open for any unwanted debris or pests to get into the home. Once the glass gets in, our shop foreman will call the customer and set up a time for them to bring the sash in for replacement. This minimizes the time the window is out of the opening. Keep in mind, having us replace it in-house will keep the customer’s cost and bill lower when compared to having Dubuque Glass Company install onsite.

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Screens & Screen Doors
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Insulated Units
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Single Pane Windows
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