Dubuque Glass now carries transparent portable guards and easy to install brackets for your countertops to help keep customers and workers safer. Help reduce the spread of germs caused by coughing, sneezing, or speaking with these acrylic guards installed on your counters. The countertop guards are an easy and worry free installation process that simply clamp to the counter and do not harm countertops with drilling or other disruptive installation processes. Clamp on guards are $120 for the standard size of 24"x36". The clamp on virus guards can be made in custom sizes to fit your exact needs (prices vary for custom sizes). Bracket options that hold the acrylic guard come in steel or stainless steel. Both clamp on brackets can be sold seperatley without the acrylic guard. Steel brackets are $60 a set and the stainless steel are $80 a set. Acrylic guards also have the additional option for access slot cutouts and bends in the acrylic. We also have a portable sneeze guard option with a simple set up and quick access to place in various locations through out the day. Portable virus guards are $100 dollars, come only as a kit  (acrylic guard and stand), and can also come in custom sizes. Guards and brackets can be shipped to your location if needed (freight charges apply).


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