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Need safety glass for your door, glass tables, or window? We supply tempered and laminated glass cut to your size. Tempered glass is a safety glass that is tempered after it is cut to size. We would get the dimensions we would need for the glass either from you or from measuring the frame work it would have to go if there was any. Once we have the size, we order the glass from our supplier who tempered it and we would have the piece delivered to us in roughly two weeks. 

Laminated Glass is a safety glass that we have in stock and can cut to your size within a day or two. Laminated glass has a middle layer that holds the glass in place if it were to break. If a piece of glass was tempered, it would break into tiny pieces similar to the photo shown below. Somethings require safety glass by law like doors and some windows. If you need help knowing whether your glass was safety glass or not, check the image below or give us a call.


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