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Many people ask us, “What’s an insulated unit?" An insulated unit is a “double-pane” window. Insulated units keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They provide an economical way to protect your home, apartment, or

building from varying temperatures. These two panes of glass in the unit are sealed on their edges together as one unit. When replacing the unit, both panes of glass will need to be replaced due to them being sealed together. Some units can have a low-e coating on the glass or argon gas in between the panes, which we can also provide to match a customer's current unit along with muntins (grids) in between the glass.

Now, the question that follows is, “How long will it take to get a new one?” While it may be frustrating, the turnaround time is two weeks. However, if only one side of the unit's glass is broken or it is just a fogged unit, customers can take their window back to their home after being brought in to the office and we get the measurements we need to replace the unit. Once the glass arrives, the professionals at Dubuque Glass will call to schedule a time to have the sash (the frame) brought in to get the glass installed. 

The most important part about an insulated unit is getting the measurements correct the first time. Dubuque Glass customers should bring in their sashes to our shop at 801 Cedar Cross Road, Dubuque to get the measurements correct. While the window is out, customers can board it up for the time being to keep pests and the warm or cool air out.

Worried about getting the sash out? Call us or fill out our estimate form on the home page to get an estimate ticket set up. We will use the information you provide to send a ticket off to our estimator. Our estimator will then call to schedule a time to meet with customers at their residence and get the measurements we need for the new unit. That way, customers do not have to take the sash out and bring it to the shop.


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